It is important with Twitter and YouTube to keep your media to small segments - attention span for people through these channels is short and you want to grab their attention in the first 15 seconds.  Here are some inexpensive, easily accessible mobile applications to use to effectively communicate with your audience.
Reel Director
Here is an excellent application to use for your mobile device. It is called Reel Director and I have kind of taken it to another level.  The application can be downloaded for $4.99 and has some incredible features. You can have titles, using different fonts.  Multiple editing techniques from dissolves through to many variations of wipes. You have the ability to add music or a voice over. You can edit the clips at exactly the right place.  After you have completed your post-production you can then either email or upload the video to YouTube direct to your channel.

To kick this great application up a notch, I have created on the iMac using Final Cut an introduction and an exit.  Using the mp4 format I created both these clips so that they can be easily added to the sequence you are creating.  For example at Forrest wines I shot a short sequence of a tractor aerating the soil.  I edited the sequence, added a title at the beginning and slotted in the pre-made intro and exit. The whole process was done in the comfort of the office and took about 15 minutes. After the clips were rendered, simply touch the key to upload to your YouTube account and you are done.  Then you can cut and paste the YouTube link to Facebook and Twitter.  Here is the link to the example discussed - click here

Logos and Business Photos.
I would also suggest that you add company logo jpegs and photos to your iPhone so they can be used.  I use the company photos for uploading them to Foursquare locations that I visit.

This application made famous by Steven Fry is an excellent tool for events. Audioboo is a recording device that uploads your sounds to your account on the Audioboo website. You can edit the sounds and add photos to accompany it.  This is a great tool for showcasing your brand at sponsored events, posting the links on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you need any help with any of these applications send me an email.