During the week of January 16th - 22nd I undertook the project of recording and photographing Young Nick's Head in Gisborne.  This peninsula of land is iconic for New Zealand, this is our Plymouth Rock sold to an American financier John Griffin, owner of a hedge fund Blue Ridge Capitals in 2002.  Over the next 5 months I will be creating a moving digital art piece about this sacred land with the guidance and support of my mother and fellow artist Jean E. Loomis. 

On Tuesday January 17th we both met with Jolene Douglas at the Tairawhiti Museum to discuss my involvement in my mother's exhibition to be held in August 2012.  Jolene seemed very excited at the prospect of our collaboration.

I will use this blog over the next months to document my progression of this work that I am undertaking.  At this moment all I will say about the piece is that it will be like no other that I have created in recent years.